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Experienced with almost two decades in furniture business, PT. Wirasindo Santakarya (WISANKA) is becoming the most considered furniture exporters in Indonesia. Since it is established in 1993, we rapidly evolve our business by providing furniture for indoor, outdoor used; also providing lighting and handicraft. A well-built commitment as a concrete step in this business manifested in the presence of nine warehouses spread in Solo, Klaten, Jepara and Cirebon area. Constantly creating new products lead us to be one of the leading furniture companies in Indonesia.

With the world growth in many sectors including business across the globe, it gives good consequences for supporting facilities likes hotels, restaurants and public transportations. Activities that require travelling from one place to another impact hospitality industries growing rapidly. These facts influence the expansion of furniture industries as well. Aside from that, the rapid sale of furniture to worldwide markets including to the importer, wholesaler and retailer of furniture that has become a regular customer of Wisanka and also doing some series of hotel project both locally and worldwide, that’s why we came out with conclusion that in every new hotel built definitely need good furniture. That is why WISANKA Hotel & Resort Project Premier Line exists to supply those needs.

By this directory, we proudly present our serious commitment by providing finest furniture for hotel and resort project entitled WISANKA Hotel & Resort Project Premier Line. Sustained by nine warehouses that always providing furniture in various range of materials and design, with banner under WISANKA Group, we do believe it would give you wider range for a better choice.

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